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Great Class–Summaries Done (For Now)

It was a good day.  I finished up my week two summary and got it posted–later than I had planned, but it’s done!  After being the “summarizer” for the first two weeks of the class, I’ve only got week five left to summarize.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about OnCourse, the Indiana University course management system.  I posted my week two summary, but it lost all its formatting, including bolding, italics, and hyperlinks when I pasted my MSWord document into the forum window.  I went back into the forum and added a post with the MSWord document attached.  All my original formatting is there.

I really am enjoying the class and the readings are very interesting.  I was very glad that the class was allowed to go on. Thanks, Dr. Frick!  Ever since I read Dr. Bonk’s book,  The World is Open:  How Web Technology  Is Revolutionizing Education last spring and found out he taught a class on it, I had wanted to be involved.  It’s great!

Now that report cards are out and MAP testing is over at school, and my first two weeks of summaries are done, I will be more faithful about posting here and replying to the posts, summaries, and emails of my classmates.

By the way, Ruth is my wife of over 37 years.  She’s a veteran teacher who taught all over the world during my  military career.

Please check back regularly.  It’s late in Reno, almost 11PM, but even later (almost 2AM) in Bloomington!  I must go to bed!



Changed It!

The theme “Dark Wood” was too–dark!  This one seems more–me!


I’m Mike Keesling, a school administrator and teacher in Nevada and I’ve begun this blog in partial fulfillment of a requirement for my Indiana University R685 class, The World is Open with Web Technology.  Teaching is a second career for me; my first was as a United States Air Force Officer.  I will be updating this blog frequently, so please check back often for updates.

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