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Technology is Wonderful–When It Works!

I just spent close to two hours trying to participate in the online session on WikiBooks. It was an exercise in frustration! I was trying to listen and interact on my way home from school, since I’m three hours earlier in Reno than it is in Bloomington. I was using my Kindle Fire on a MiFi (and later on broadband at Starbucks and at home), since my preferred tablet, the iPad, is a nonstarter due to inability to use Adobe Flash, necessary for Breeze. The Fire accommodates Flash, but today it would not stay connected very well. As long as I didn’t try to interact online, i.e., type or respond to surveys, it stayed up passably well, but it died almost every time I tried to do anything beyond passively monitoring the conversation. It worked somewhat better a couple of weeks ago, so I’m not sure if the connection today was more tenuous, or if something else was going on. Anyway, I guess tablets (at least mine) are not yet ready for primetime. Too bad, since even my laptop is more than I want to deal with in the car (with someone else driving, of course). I suppose my options are to stay at work to participate in weekday sessions, break out the laptop in the car and at Starbucks (the Fire repeatedly lost the connection there on AT&T broadband and at home on my cable broadband too, not just on the MiFi), or opt out of the live sessions and go for the “Memorex.” Happily, the sessions are recorded, so I can go back and review what I missed. SIGH!

BTW, I wasn’t being rude, Cyndi. I did try to respond to your greeting, but the connection died every time I attempted to respond.

Well, I know I must get busy with the postings for the class, and those are coming. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. But…NO EXCUSES!


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